Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Religious Liberty

Alan J. Reinach, Esq., director

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is unique among Christian churches, in establishing a vigorous department devoted to protecting and defending the religious freedom of all peaceful people of faith. Our commitment is rooted in both the gospel of Jesus Christ and the golden rule. The gospel teaches us that Jesus died so that every person could obtain an eternal, intimate relationship with God, through Jesus. Neither the powers of church or state have any right to interfere with that relationship. The golden rule teaches us to respect the rights of every person, even as we would want our own rights respected.

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Dennis Seaton, associate director

Dennis Seaton served for 20 years in Central California Conference Administration, handling human resource functions, pastoral placement, trouble shooting issues and a variety of administration duties.

He is very excited about the opportunity to represent Christ in the legislative and interfaith communities, and to help members with their Sabbath/religious problems.

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Pacific Union’s religious liberty ministry is multi-faceted:
What do we do?
  • Legislative Affairs: we provide expert analysis to legislators on bills that impact religious freedom, monitoring legislation in the five states of the Pacific Union
  • Legal Affairs: also known as “biblical peacemaking.” We help anyone who needs it, whether or not a member of our own church, with religious liberty conflicts. Many of these involve Sabbath observance and workplace scheduling conflicts.
  • Grassroots Organization: we have organized the North American Religious Liberty Association – West,  regional chapter of the national organization, to train and empower church members in effective advocacy on behalf of religious freedom.
  • Freedom’s Ring Radio – begun in 1999, Freedom’s Ring is a weekly radio broadcast syndicated nationally, devoted to the religious liberty issues of the day.
  • is our flagship website for information and resources on religious freedom.
  • is the official website of the North American Religious Liberty Association, featuring a state-of-the-art system for sending e.mails to Congress and to state legislatures.
  • is our newest website, devoted to the singularly important issue of the proper role of the law of God. We are putting God’s law where it belongs: in our hearts.
  • Media Presence: director Alan J. Reinach, Esq., maintains a busy schedule of media appearances on radio programs nationally, speaking on religious liberty issues.
  • Religious Liberty Certification: The department has inaugurated a certification program to train and equip local church religious liberty leaders, and provide them with a systematic curriculum and training.
  • Publications: we have published several pamphlets and books on religious liberty.
  • Public Service Radio spots: We have produced dozens of public service radio spots on religious liberty issues, including our most recent set of spots promoting the website.
  • Community Education: Departmental personnel maintain a busy speaking schedule, preaching and conducting seminars and workshops in communities throughout the five states of the Pacific Union. Contact us for information about coming to your church or community.
  • Interfaith Leadership: We provide considerable leadership within the Interfaith community on religious liberty issues, mobilizing in support or opposition to legislation, or in support of friend-of-the-court briefs.

Loritha McDuffie, administrative assistant
Natalie Eva, administrative assistant